With capacities ranging from 6,600 lbs. to 18, 000 lbs., OMER’s LIGHT-DUTY lifts include MID RISE SCISSOR lift, DOUBLE SCISSOR lift and SERVICE & ALIGNMENT RACK lift for cars, buses, trucks, and tracked vehicles of all types and capacities. Each lift is uniquely designed to ensure safe and efficient use.


OMER’s HEAVY-DUTY lifts include MCO MOBILE COLUMNS, PANTOGRAPH VERTICAL RISE LIFT, and PARALLELOGRAM LIFT. Each HEAVY-DUTY lift is designed with the technical innovation to facilitate complex lifting operations. The lifting capacities for the HEAVY-DUTY lifts range from 31.000lbs to 100.000lbs.


OMER supplies innovative solutions to any high-density parking problems by providing products such as the CAR STACKER, CAR ELEVATOR, CAR DISPLAY, and AUTOMATIC & SEMI-AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS. The parking systems have capacities ranging from 5,700 lbs. to 8,900 lbs.

“Visit our YouTube channel for more videos! You will see OMER’s equipment in action, and discover different types of applications. View the installation of our most popular products, from our famous mobile column lifts, to the new 10,000 lb. capacity ELEKTRUM specifically designed for fully electric vehicles. Don’t forget to have a look at all of the different applications for our car park lift systems! OMER’s parking garage lifting system, car elevator, car stacker, and high-density car storage lift are highly customizable. They can be tailored to any application. We are proud to offer the premium solution for high-density parking.”


Since 1978, OMER has been a leader in the field of lift manufacturing. Our quality and innovation are recognized worldwide in the automotive lift industry. The glowing reputation of the OMER brand is due to our ability to merge our vocational knowledge with our quality of technical research, which allows us to pursue continuous innovation in our manufactured solutions. This has translated into more than 60 patents issued worldwide, and a comprehensive catalogue of products suitable to meet every need in the vehicle service and storage markets.
For over 40 years, OMER has been the leading company in the field of vehicle lift manufacturing. Our flexibility and ability to meet different needs are highlighted by the variety and quality of the products available; from light and heavy-duty vehicle lifts, to car park lift systems (semi-automatic and fully automatic), to vehicle elevators, and goods elevators.
We have a complete portfolio of Light-Duty Lifts, with lifting capacities ranging from 5,800 lbs. to 18,000 lbs. Our light-duty lifts include our industry-leading 10,000 lb. Double-Scissor ALI Certified car lift, and our innovative 18,000 lb. vertical rise lift capable of handling all of your light to medium-duty vehicles.
Our Parking Systems range from the simple parking duplicators, to the multi-story car lift, to the more complex robotic and fully automated parking garage lifting system. Our highly-customizable parking solutions can be designed to accommodate any need, from your personal car storage lift, to large apartment complexes, and everything in between.
Our Heavy-Duty Lifts are the reason our name is so well-known. With lifts ranging in capacities from 18,000 lbs. to 99,000 lbs., we revolutionized the Heavy-Duty lift industry when our owner and founder designed and patented the first Parallelogram Lift. That heritage of innovation continued with the introduction of the first Vertical Rise Lift. With a unique and rugged Pantograph Lift design, OMER, once again, reset the heavy-duty vehicle lift market.
Our lifts are manufactured to the highest standards, and in compliance with ALI regulations. They are designed to be your safe, efficient, and long-term solution to ensure your shop is as productive as possible for as long as possible. Our lifts, starting with the classic parallelogram lift, to the most modern, fully automated parking garage, can be found in operation worldwide. OMER has the best solution for every car and cargo lifting need. We design, manufacture, market, and export lifting equipment for cars and heavy vehicles. We have both wheel and chassis-contact systems specifically conceived for the world's tire shops, play detectors for cars and trucks with a wide range of accessories which are designed to enable and facilitate any lifting operation. Our experts are at customers' complete disposal for the design and realization of any personalized and customized project. Our innovative on-site engineering team have been provided with the best tools to provide you with blueprints and CAD drawings for any vehicle-lift project of any size. In 2018, OMER established a new location in Atlanta, GA, to act as a direct distribution point for North American customers for service, parts, and new equipment. Contact OMER for assistance with your lift equipment needs today!