The Best Car Lift For Your Home Garage Is The Best Lift That Will Fit

The Best Car Lift For Your Home Garage Is The Best Lift That Will Fit

The best car lift for a home garage is a commercial grade 2-post or 4-post lift, which is why they’re used in just about every vehicle repair shop in the world. The trouble is, these lifts don’t always fit in a home garage.

In fact, most of the time, commercial lifts do NOT fit in home garages. A commercial lift needs 11 foot ceilings and an extra-wide garage space (in terms of width). Most garages don’t have that kind of space.

So, the question is not “What’s the best car lift for a home garage?,” but rather “What’s the best lift that will fit in my home garage?”

The Best Home Garage Car Lift Is Safe, Straightforward, and Works With Almost Any Kind of Car

If you want the best car lift for your home garage, there are four features you absolutely need:

Safety. A lift that can fail during raising or lowering is dangerous. A lift that doesn’t properly secure a vehicle is life-threatening. Many of the lifts on the market today have problems with tipping front-to-back (because they lift a car between the wheels) as well as failures during raise and lower (because they use independent hydraulic mechanisms).

When you don’t lift a vehicle at the wheels, you have problems with tipping front to back…especially if the work you’re doing involves a heavy component like a differential or engine block.

Simple, straightforward design. When you have time to work on your vehicle, the last thing you want to be doing is inspecting your lift, replacing fluid and looking for leaks, checking air cylinder pressures, or doing leak clean-up.

Unfortunately, most of the entry-level hydraulic lifts on the market have precisely these problems. This is because cheap hydraulics are infamous for random, unexplained fluid leaks and problems…and you can’t buy a cheap hydraulic car lift without getting cheap hydraulics!

Nearly universal vehicle compatibility. If you’re serious enough to invest in a vehicle lift, odds are you need a lift that works with nearly any type of vehicle. Who needs a lift with an absurdly low 3,500lbs weight limit? Or a lift that only works if a vehicle has 5″ of ground clearance? Or a lift that isn’t compatible with classic cars that don’t have unibody frames?

True portability, or park on top convenience. If your garage looks like most people’s garage, there’s not a lot of ‘extra’ space for your lift. So, you need a lift that you can other disassemble and stow away, or you need a lift you can easily park on top of.